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The average reign of a chimp who relies primarily on intimidation is only a couple of years at most, whereas those who focus on coalition-building end up staying at the top for 10 years or more. Violent bullies never last long in the leadership role. They are replaced viciously as soon as a kinder alternative is available.

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Chimp leadership is about protecting the troop and maintaining harmony. This is done by settling disputes fast, consoling the distressed, and ensuring the fair distribution of resources. The alpha male himself is more likely to think that his top priority is impregnating as many females as possible. However, as with most jobs, multi-tasking is possible! The strong female coalitions in bonobo society may have evolved as a counterstrategy to male harassment and infanticide. What makes bonobos more egalitarian than chimpanzees? Firstly, females dominate bonobo society, but males are not excluded.

The lower ranking animals can be of either gender.

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Bonobos will have sex with any member of their group and respect for hierarchy is not overtly enforced. In chimpanzee society there is much more display of rank as subordinates must grovel and bow to appease superior animals. Researchers studying bonobos find it much harder to establish who the alpha female is as there is not as much reason to display dominance in a more peaceful community. The top position is gained through respect for the knowledge of the leader, not through aggression.

Usually, in nature, primary bonding is with same-sex kin in the natal group; the group into which an animal is born. Whereas bonobo girls migrate into another troop at puberty and then form strong bonds with same-sex strangers over time. This unusual secondary bonding with non-kin sets up these powerful artificial sisterhoods capable of running the show.

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One way to consider why this matriarchal and egalitarian social system has developed is because it keeps the young safe. Aggressive male chimpanzees occasionally kill infants in their group. The strong female coalitions in bonobo society may have evolved as a counter-strategy to male harassment and infanticide. The killing of babies that happens in chimp troops is almost non-existent in bonobos. Fighting between bonobos is rare but when it happens, all-girl coalitions defeat males more easily than when they confront males on their own.

These coalitions increase the bonds among females who spend time together grooming, eating and socialising. The highest-ranking individuals are always the older matriarchs who keep the individuals in this egalitarian and cohesive society safe. Bonobo leadership is about the survival of offspring and creating a harmonious society. Bonobo leaders protect the vulnerable members of their community and share the food around to make sure everyone gets to eat.

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Troop members follow the old matriarchs because they respect and trust her judgment. She knows where to find food and shares the resources fairly. The advantages for the followers in this type of leadership are obvious; food and sex are more or less equally distributed and there is minimal aggression. Birth ratios for chimpanzees and bonobos is , boy and girl babies. In adulthood there are equal sex ratios in bonobo troops but in chimpanzee communities only half the males survive to adulthood. Chimp males would struggle to get a good life insurance policy because their mortality is extremely high.

In chimp troops there are two adult females for every male. The stress and violence in the chimpanzee troops takes its toll on the adult males.

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Male bonobos are arguably "under the thumb" but they have a significantly better quality of life than female chimps do under male leadership. Perhaps on reflection, male bonobos have what many males desire: devolved responsibility, little conflict and lots of sex.

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Successful leaders in bonobo and chimpanzee society both use complex leadership strategies and alliances to maintain social harmony in the group as a first priority. Bonobos and chimps represent the yin and yang of human nature, like having two first cousins, equally closely related but very different from each other. Together, the leadership behaviour of these two great apes seems to reflect our own aggressive side chimps and our more egalitarian, peace-loving natures bonobo.

When they improve some task or do something new, their heart rate increases and their movements become more rapid. Winning a victory after a difficult battle or achieving a goal deserves a celebration and recognition of our efforts. Sheep and dolphins have a great sense of friendship, which they constantly demonstrate. Some animal friends stay together for many years. This fictional story has some truth to it.

Primates have a great capacity for altruism , or giving no matter who or what it is. For example, they can help a scared friend, raise a baby whose mother has died, stay by the side of a wounded friend, and even show compassion for those who suffer or are about to die.

This will help you to grow both personally and socially. However, his life purpose was to dedicate his whole body and soul to the study of philosophy and Christian faith. This Danish theologist and philosopher had to live with…. I loved the photos, too. Congratulations on the Hub of the Day for this one. A big congratulations on your HOTD! After reading, I can see why your hub was chosen. Just love the photos. Oh my goodness, I love this hub. The very last cat you have in your hub looks like my Tuxedo Cat, big whiskers and all.

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He is so human, and so sweet. I got him just after he was weaned from his real : mom, when his ears were the biggest thing about him like the ears of the cute gray kitten in your hub. He was so hard to resist and still is.

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