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I have dug them out with large clumps of sand around them so as not to spread the little bulbets, but they just keep coming up! How do I get rid of them? Also, always remember - to remove all the flower heads before they set seed! Our granadilla tree is full of flowers, falling off after being open, but there does not seem to be any fruit left to grow in the cavity that the flower leaves.

What can I do? This can be one of two things — or infact both. Lack of a deep watering and also lack of phosphates. Start up a regular watering, but it must be a very deep water and feed 3. The botanical name for them is Cucumis sativus , variety English. On the back of the seed packet ail be instructions and guidelines as to how many days from germination before they are ready. They should be dark green colour, firm to touch when squeezed gently. Not all lichen is harmful, quite a lot is infact very good. However it can be washed off with a stiff brush and soapy water then spray wit Funginex.

I planted Brussel sprout 4 month ago they are huge plants but Brussels are small and leafy was is to hot and should they be a winter crop? I think you might have planted far too early, this is the time to sow - until about when it is mild in April — this weather to my mind is too hot! Would it be possible to advise on how to get rid of wild garlic that is growing every where, in between cracks, in between plants and it is becoming just a menace.

Wild garlic Onion Weed is a menace and difficult to get rid of. If you can get to the plants, the best way to get rid of them is to dig them out by digging down and underneath the bulb and removing it - soil and all.

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If any bulblets get left behind, they will resprout. You will have to do this as soon as you see plants. If they flower, do pick the flower off to prevent seed forming. In the cracks you can use the weedkiller Roundup. Use as recommended and paint on the leaves. You might have to do this a few times before they die. Roundup will kill any plant so please be careful when using it. Must be safe for my 1-year-old grandson. I have dwarf snapdragons in a fairly large pot in full sun.

Recently I have noticed yellow spots on the upper leaves and little brown spots in circles on the under side. I suspect it is rust. It seems do you have rust on your snaps. Rosecare does have a fungicide in it but you would have to repeat spraying weekly. You can try Bravo or Funginex. Both are fungicides. If the rust is very bad it might be better to remove the snaps from the pot. The cycad in our garden "flowered" and has three enormous cones. These seeds are now starting to fall as they ripen, and we would like to try and grow them from these seeds.

How do we go about this? How do we check if these seeds have been pollinated? Do we need to dry out the seeds before planting? How long before they will germinate read somewhere up to a year?

Please remember that you need a permit for growing South African Cycads. To see if the seed is pollinated, cut the seed in half and see if an embryo is starting to grow. It will be in the middle of the seed. It can take from months for the full embryo to develop. When planting, soak the seed in water for 2 days. You will need a light, well drained soil.

Plant half the seed in the soil and keep the soil moist. Place the seed in a warm spot. I have a lot of spiders and snails in my garden. How can I get rid of them? I have used snail pellets but to no avail. The spiders are affecting my tomatoes. How do I get rid of ants around the house too?

I have used blue powder - they disappear and come back again full force. Snails can be a problem and you would have to continue using the pellets.

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You also get a liquid snail pesticide that you can spray with, called Snailflo. You can get an aerosol that you can use to kill spiders. Try Fendona to get rid of the ants around the house.

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I have yellow hibiscus in a large pot. When I cut off a thick stem I noticed a brown spot and when I slit the stem I found a white worm in the stem. I have a similar problem with a rose also in a pot , but when I was pruning this rose I noticed the stem was hollow and when I slit the stem lengthwise I found powdery stuff inside the stem.

Is this borer? Another problem is the fruit on the mango tree. We have a variety of huge mango but they are not edible and there are stings on the fruit and then the fruit is full of worms. I think this might be fruit fly. I needed to find out what I should spray on these plants, when I should spray and how often should I spray? For the rose, prune back the stem until it shows no hole and seal the stem with a sealer. Start spraying the mangoes as soon as the fruit has formed with Garden Ripcord and continue spraying as per instructions with the insecticide.

We have both a Lemon and Lime tree and they are about 35 plus years old.

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I have no idea how to take care of them and they look a bit neglected, the fruit are small and the trees had curled up leaves and what looked like bubbles on them. I gave both trees Koinor and it looks like it is working but there is still some curling and bubbles. The trunk of the trees looks like there is more then one tree growing and not a lot of leaves at the top the trees look old What must I do, do I gut these extra stumps of and try and get the trees to look healthy again or do I remove them and start over with new trees.

I also notice some white fluffy stuff on the leaves. If the trees look really bad and are full of disease it might be wise to remove them. If you want to keep them prune all dead wood out and prune the tops shorter, this should encourage new growth. Remove all other trunks and retain the main trunk. Once you have new growth and still have leaf curl, spray with Koinor again. The fluffy stuff could be Australian bug spray with Oleum.

What is the cause of "Lychen" growing on branches? How can it be removed as it definitely does eventually kill the branch.

Does amla oil really work?

I scrub it off but obviously cannot reach top branches. They say that Lychen growing on branches is a sign of clean air. Plant the poppy seeds in autumn in fine composted soil. Water well, wait until the surface has dried, then water again. Do not let the seed dry out.

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They should start germinating after 7 days. I would love to plant some tomatoes, lettuce and spring onions, but we have such a plague of monkeys. Would I be able to plant any of that underneath and between these plants to hide it from the monkey's?