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Benny Hinn Ministries - The Master's Healing Touch - Instrumental Reflections - Vol. 2/3 (1993)

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Pastoral and Practical Reflections

Si Andrea Bocelli. This perennial question calls for new answers, and this article is a move in that direction. However, while Dietrich Bonhoeffer makes it clear that in his opinion unquestioning obedience is at the heart of true discipleship, the author offers other suggestions.

e-book Healing: A Pastors Reflections

Too many people in formal churches are assisting in this slow death by focusing on Attendance, Budget, and Children instead of making Disciples. When students leave home for college or a job, it has been shown that many fall away from their faith. What can parents and church leaders do to help them realize that sticking to their faith is important?

The author offers a thoughtful program for all concerned. The PDF version, which we gladly provide as an extra service to our readers, has been delayed. As soon as it is available, we will post it.

Pastoral Reflections — Blog — Pasadena Covenant Church

Please ask about advertising space. Email us at staff pulpit. Title: By the Galilee Artist: Piety Choi Size: 36"x36" Mixed Medium on Canvas This painting was produced in on the canvas with mixed media including wax, oil pastel, and acrylic as the main materials. It portrays Jesus teaching from a boat on the Sea of Galilee.

The park in front of Burlington City Hall became a sanctuary for the more than one thousand people gathered outside on June 13 to mourn the people who were killed and injured at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. I was one of many local clergy gathered for the vigil and I found myself standing next Christian, Unitarian, Jewish and Muslim faith leaders as well as Sen. Bernie Sanders. Imam Islam Hassan of the Islamic Society of Vermont spoke on behalf of the faith leaders and affirmed that Islam is a religion on peace, and the act committed was one of hate.

God was there at Pulse though, in the hands of the first responders and the ER nurses and doctors who tended to the victims. God continues to be there as people around the world gather to pray, mourn, and denounce this hateful act and work for peaceful solutions to such violence. My faith teaches that we are made in the image of God, and this image is beautiful and diverse.

CHAPTER 6 Pastoral Care and Healing Community

I am proud to serve an Open and Affirming Faith community, and preach in a Sanctuary that is open to all. Additionally, I was reminded that Islamophobia, like homophobia, has no place in our culture. When violence occurs, we sometimes look to point the finger at a particular group to explain what has been done. But instead of looking for someone to blame, we should focus our energy on creating communities of peace, dialogue, and reconciliation. The world needs more sanctuaries — both sacred and secular — where we can bring our full selves before God.

On May 22, we celebrated Confirmation with seven youth in grades These youth have spent the year learning about the history of Christianity, and how their faith calls them to live in the world today. We are very proud of our Confirmands and celebrate their hard work and learning.

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Looking ahead to Sunday, June 5, our church will leave the building! Richmond Congregational Church will go out into the community for a number of service projects including cleaning up local trails, reviving a garden at the Richmond Library, helping Our Community Cares Camp get ready for summer camp, singing with senior citizens, and cooking meals for Act One shelter in Burlington. Here is the plan for the day:. Then depart to project location with your team. Our Sunday of Service is one way that we can put our faith into action by serving our broader community.

If you would like to join us, please contact the Church Office at or church rccucc.

  1. Urbanising Cholera:The Social Determinants of Its Re-emergence.
  2. The Red Thread: Buddhist Approaches to Sexuality?
  3. Reflections for the XXVIII Sunday.

Dear Friends in Christ, Let the fields and their crops burst out with joy! Let the trees of the forest rustle with praise! Psalm New Living Translation.

In May and June, the church calendar is full of opportunities for worship, praise, service and celebration. In June we also celebrate two years of ministry together — my how the time flies! I continue to feel blessed to serve as your pastor. On April 14, our newly invigorated Church Council had our first meeting with Rev. The other churches in the program are Rutland, Randolph and Middlebury.

The church as a healing community

The program is fully funded by the Vermont Conference UCC, and the goal is to help our Council identify what our Next Level is as a church, and work to get there. For two years, Claire will meet monthly with the Council either electronically or via conference call, to coach us and provide us with resources. I am optimistic that this program will help the Church Council live into its stated purpose in our governance structure of being a visionary body for the church.