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DO NOT refer to the "class" "instructor" "instructions" "students" etc. Your submissions are technical reports reflecting your own experimentation with using electronic devices.

Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory

You should write them as if you were submitting them to a boss or a journal. Be clear and concise. When applicable, use percent error to compare measured data to expected results. Discuss reasons for differences from expectation. When using figures, tables, and equations, Number figures sequentially. Number tables sequentially. Number equations sequentially. Refer to them by number. Do NOT put them at the end of the document.

Discuss every included figure, table, and equation within the text. Word will make sure that your figure captions stay tied to your figures and will automatically number them properly for you. Additionally, later you can have Word manage your cross references so you never have to type a figure reference.

Principles of Electronic Devices & Circuits

Of course, it is always better to use TeX. If you are using LaTeX , you will need images to be stored in separate files to be included in your source code i. Choose the format that fits your LaTeX engine. If you need more images of circuits used in the lab , try looking at this old EE website. Circuit diagrams and other resources are made available for each of our labs.

A typical TeX workflow is Edit document source code in a standard or specialized text editor. For example, a text file called "mydocument.

Additional Information

The "mydocument. A good editor will typically provide a quick way e. See below for details. View printable document and repeat process to make changes e.

If you want to submit lab reports using TeX , you will need one of the free TeX distributions. Windows users should get MiKTeX. Click on the link under Download. Alternatively, Windows users can try TeX Live. For the moment, it is recommended that new users stick with MiKTeX.

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Download the MacTeX Installer. Unix users should get TeX Live. Follow the quick installation directions. These distributions contain programs that can "compile" TeX source files into a nice-looking printable form. Once you have installed a TeX distribution, you will need an editor. Any text editor can be used to edit TeX files, but some are more friendly than others. Mac users may want to check out MacVim. It is available for download. It is based on Qt and Poppler. You will probably also want a good PDF viewer.

Some of the editors above include decent PDF previewers, but others depend on you to find one. Members of the Adobe Acrobat family including the free reader are sufficient so long as your editor knows how to kick them whenever your PDF is regenerated. Unfortunately, they are big and bloated and have a stagnant feature set. Mac users should check out the free Skim , which supports auto-refreshing and lots of other helpful features.

Technical Details

Windows users might want to check out the free Sumatra PDF , which is a minimal PDF viewer that supports auto-refreshing and has some other nice features. You may want some examples to get you started. This example might make for a good lab report template. Also shows how to make nicer looking tables. It might be helpful to see a sample homework template too. You will often want to include figures in your documents.

Most figures in books are "floats. Instead, they "float" to a convenient place e. In lab reports, people sometimes prefer that their graphics do not float. A similar procedure exists for tables i. You can change this to an absolute dimension as well e. You can even use height instead e. In either case, the image is scaled so it maintains the correct height:width ratio. In the example above, a PNG file was included. Additional LaTeX examples e. Click on the files links and navigate the tree. Some other terrific examples can be found on the web.

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  6. The pst-circ package is especially relevant. It helps draw circuit diagrams. The LaTeX Community forum can be a great resource that can quickly answer some of your questions. The comp. Week 9.

    Electronic Devices and Circuits

    Week 10 Field-Effect Transistors and Circuits. Week 11 Field-Effect Transistors and Circuits. Week 14 Operational Amplifier. Week 15 Additional Op-Amp Applications. Week 16 Review Session. Week E admission itu. Define Conduction Band? Answer : The range of energy possessed by conduction electron in an atom is called conduction band. Explain Forbidden Energy Gap? Answer : The separation between the conduction band and the valence band on the energy band diagram. Define P-n Junction?

    Answer : When P-type and N-type are suitably joined together by the conducting surfaces of these two semiconductors is called P-N junction. Define Forward Biasing? Answer : When a diode is forward biased the current is produced because the holes in the P-region and electron from N-region moves towards the junction. The depletion region formed will be very small hence recombination occurs and current will be produced.