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In this unit, students will progress through fundamental themes in cellular biology, biochemistry, genetics, genomics and microbiology. They will examine contemporary issues in biological sciences and the societal impact that biology has by learning from world-class researchers and industry experts. Students will undertake self-directed learning through the online environment. These online activities, readings and instructional videos will be complemented by face-to-face workshops where they will collaborate with peers and teaching staff to deepen their understanding of the biological concepts introduced each week.

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Students will gain hands-on experience and develop experimental and analytical skills in the laboratory environment. Resources View the Annual Report Here. Our Philosophy Our program is uniquely designed to treat the whole person — body, mind and spirit — and we do everything we can to ensure clients resume vital places in the lives of their families and communities.

In The Press We work every day to transform the lives of individuals and families across Pennsylvania. Matthew Reeves 25 Jun Genuine staff that take pride in their work and in whom the company invests heavily.

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The core principles are apparent all the way through this organization and are reflected in the response clients have at every level of care provided. They have remained true to their purpose from the very beginning with the same dedication to hiring the most qualified staff and providing the best possible treatment.

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So thankful to see that they have brought their wonderful services to a wider audience with the addition of new offices and expanded programs. The best care provided by the best people! Brooke Sauer 21 Jun Beautiful experience.

Wonderful staff. Cade Brown 24 May Blueprints of Elizabethtown used to be, in my opinion the number one counseling facility in central Pennsylvania.

Now since they have grown larger. The owners seemed to have relaxed on the hiring process, or the good couselors were offered jobs at the Lancaster location. There is absolutely a depleting efficiency in recovery for evening groups at this location.

Truely a shame and I hope the issue is fixed for future patients. A ethical and more effective solution to the disease of addiction. Give them a call. It can very well be the LAST treatment you or your loved one will ever need.

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Jeff Foley 13 Jun A collective group of likeminded individuals with the common goal of helping those suffering from the disease of addiction. From their chapters program to outpatient services, the team at Blueprints provides the highest levels of care geared towards individual client needs. I would recommend to anyone seeking addiction services to utilize the uniquely higher standard of care they provide. Alexandra Flanders 13 Jun Diane Thomson.

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Thomson Blueprints for Living helps create order for individuals and families in their homes, offices and daily lives. Homes are clutter free and family members are engaged in the preservation of order. There is room to think clearly, know what needs to be done and take timely action.

Not only feel a sense of accomplishment, but also have time to relax, breath, create and enjoy being with the ones you love.